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  1. Are his visual and auditory memory helping him cope in the classroom?

  2. How strong is her attention span as compared to her peers?

  3. Under what circumstances will he learn at his fastest?

What can A.B.L.E Assessment uncover

for your child?

Before parents decide what courses/programs to send their children to, it would be important for them to know their strengths and weaknesses with regards to learning and performance.

Home-Based Assessment



  1. Which behavioural issue(s) are hindering her learning?

  2. Does he have good self-awareness?

  3. Is your expectation higher/lower or on par with other parents?

Learning Technique


  1. What is her preferred or hidden learning style in different environment?

  2. What technique is useful to help him accelerate or ease his learning?

  3. Does her learning preference match her strength (ability)?



  1. What is his stress level as compared to his peers?

  2. Have you been concerned with her self-esteem and confidence?

  3. How can he be motivated to learn?

How long and where does A.B.L.E Assessment take place?


  • Approx. 1.5 hour


  • Child’s place (at your convenience)

Please call our A.B.L.E consultant @ 9790 1352 for appointment.


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